shigbur | About Shigbur

The Rationale of "Shigbur"

– is an educational organization that set "informal" educational goals that are not provided by the educational system.
In the center of this approach is total segregation between two terms:
1) Education
2) Instruction
Shigbur focuses on instruction and not on education, there is an enormous difference between the two!

The student that thinks
Stands in the center of all activity, goals, work with teachers, up-grading the teachers, continuous up-dating in teaching methods, unique educational software, new and cureent researches suited for the 21st century.

Shigbur – drawn from the words:
And combines the words to one word that clearly describes our goals.

The reason
The need to minimize memorization of the learning material to an acceptable approach suited for the 21st century. Through instilling an inner reason for each and every subject, structuring knowledge through this reasoning.

The approach
Every subject has its own inner reason with its own special characteristics. Controlling this reasoning reduces drastically the need to memorize material that grows with the advancement of internet technologies and accessible information that never existed previously.

The technique
Personalized Private lessons, at the student's home or at his school.
Usage of designated refined software; both for the abstract thought process and focused thought.
Integrating the family (parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents – accordingly) for clarifying the unique reasoning behind each and every subject, exercising personally and jointly as possible.

The essence of thought-learning
The progressive presentation of the subject/field from the time of its invention or uncovering, the environmental , social, geographical and psychological developing circumstances, the development, finding the golden-line that runs through its structural inner reason. Simultaneously and parallel continuous and steady exercising of all the subjects' components based upon research and up to date knowledge.