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Think subject & topic

The great challenge!

A student, or any person for that matter, must exercise his\her cognitive, conscious and recognized ability for different thinking in each and every subject.

One must "think history" differently than when "thinking English", "thinking math", "thinking grammar" or "thinking literature".

Any field is characterized with unique thinking and different ingredients that differentiate it completely from any other field! Though there are coinciding imaginative similarities between the subjects - almost parallel to each other and may even appear identical - they actually are totally different cognitive fields! The ability to "think geography" doesn't reflect in any form or get any close to "thinking literature".

There is of course a connection between drawing and sculpturing, between poetry and composing a song, and between social studies and history, but to get the most out of each subject - history for example - demands the ability to "think history" which is in no way similar to the principles of "thinking social studies".

Metacognition means: "A man's thoughts about his own thoughts". In other words, the diagnosis (translation and analysis) that one does based on his/her own personal thoughts.

An authors writing is indeed based upon his/her own history, psychology, and his/her linguistic abilities, but it demands a very narrow minded thought process of "thoughts on story (literature)" and not "thoughts on history", "thoughts on social studies", or "thoughts on grammar".

Here at shigbur, we put an emphasis upon the "proper thought process for each and every subject", and only after that, we impress upon the student the specific thought processes and characteristics of every subject individually - and only then we lead the student to the connecting-qualifications that exist between the various subjects, fields and topics.