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All the teachers are certified teachers with teaching licenses, second degrees and speak English.
Steady participants at refresher-courses on "up- to- date instruction" based on the best and new researches on "the last say on instructional techniques".





A math, science and technology teacher.
Lydia has a Masters Science instruction and seniority of 16 years including special education.



The English and History teacher.
Leah has a lot of experience with "Tallalim", a program that teaches children that are confined to their homes. – a unique humane approach in special education.



A Bachelor's Degree in the Arts – Theater – T.A. University (qualified to teach in multi-worded subjects)
Master's degree - business administration – "The Institute for Productivity of Employment and Industry" - The Ministry of Employment, run by lecturers of the TA University (all the subjects on management economics, law and accounting etc.)
Teaching diploma – the kibbutz seminar – Tel-Aviv
I have a Diploma from the "Lewinsky Academic College" – "The 21st century teacher" for TALLIM students. This is a unique, special program for continual education in private instruction.
I am a teacher of 30 years. The past 10 years have been spent teaching in "Tallalim" a program that teaches children that are confined to their homes. – privatized teaching, personal, at the students home. In other words: a lot of experience both in general teaching and teaching at the student's home.