shigbur | Elementary ♦



Private lessons at the student's home or school, for elementary school students- the essence of the subjects and their contents being taught.

Letters that turn into words - Drawing the letters and integrating them into the word.
Cap letters vs. small letters in the text

The four basic actions: adding, subtracting, multiplying , division and their integration in exercising whole numbers and fractions.
Word problems

The triangle as the base in spatial geometry and all other forms based on the triangle
Polygons: the square, rectangles, trapezoid, deltoid, rhombus, parallelogram.
Figuring perimeters, area and angles.
Preparing the background for the congruence and the likeness of polygons.

Forms of thought in the past, understanding human progress that form history that reality and the present are based upon. Understanding the progress of construal events in world history and in the history of Israel.

Science and technology
Comprehension of the word " science" and understanding the difference between factual approach to opinion and experiments.
The definitions of all sciences, beginning with the humanities and Social studies continuing to the exact sciences accompanied by research. Scientific research as a base for change and of continuing research.

Understanding the full comprehension of the field starting with geology, urbanization, economics, demography, and their influences on human behavior.

Bible, biblical verse, Torah
The historical component, the component of belief, the component of language, the mythological story component, stories with no commentary

Personal, mass, media, advertising, information and marketing

And also
Arts, theater, agriculture, industry, civic principles