shigbur | Our Advantage

Our Comparative Advantage:

From arranging a convenient hour for the student and his family, arriving on scooter, parking, up the stairs and teaching a full 60 minutes.
The price range: 150 shekels for the occasional lesson, 100 shekels for committed steady lessons through-out the whole school year (payment in postdated checks) for the minimum of 20 lessons.

Arrival with state-of-the-art lap top! "The ROLLS ROYCE" of computers! A lap-top equipped with educational programs, teaching programs and "thinking maps" – the most up to date that the annual subscription cost a fortune!

We have a membership to the "Technological Centre for Education" by the Tel-Aviv University including the use of the programs: "koter", "ofek", "brain-pop", "E-teacher" for on-line international learning.

We are "Senior Professional Educators" with certified teaching diplomas in all subjects!

I have Bachelor's Degree in the Arts – Theater – T.A. University (qualified to teach in multi-worded subjects)

I have a Master's degree -Business Administration – "The Institute for Productivity of Employment and Industry" - The Ministry of Employment , run by lecturers of the TA University ( all the subjects on management economics, law and accounting etc. )

I have a Teaching diploma – The Kibbutz Seminar – Tel-Aviv

I have a Diploma from the "Lewinsky Academic College" – "The 21st century teacher" for TALLIM students .This is a unique, special program for continual education in private instruction.

I am a teacher of 30 years. The past 10 years have been spent teaching in "Tallalim" a program that teaches children that are confined to their homes. – privatized teaching, personal, at the students home. In other words: a lot of experience both in general teaching and teaching at the student's home.

We have the ability to give lessons at "window –open - time" according to the students school schedule at the students school